Friday, September 05, 2003
bleeding on your shirt

*sigh* my mom is gone for the weekend.. until monday.. and im sitting here... enjoying part of my freedom... talking to dan.. heh.. and watching practical magic. today was a good day up until chris decided to prove to me our friendship falling apart is a lot of his fault... not mine. altho im sure i have some to do with it... oh well. i guess i cant let it get me down too much. im waiting online to talk to jason.. i hope he decides to get back on the computer. oh well.. im running a scene with dan right now so its pretty swanky. im so bored out of my mind.. and i still need to take a shower...

Posted at 12:28 am by numb

September 8, 2003   01:27 AM PDT
Practicle Magic is one of my favorites!!!!

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