Entry: the chain broke away Monday, September 08, 2003

i had a lot of fun yesterday hanging out with jason.. having real benji time. let me tell you... that was so good for me.  me and Jason hung out from 5 until like.. 9.. then we went to Jenni's and Jr came over and we all went to the elementary school from like.. 12 until 3.. then we came home and hung out at my house for a while and then around 3:30 or so Jason decided he better get home.. he didnt want his wife freaking out or anything. heh. it was an awesome day for me tho. i got into my first silly string fight..  and Jason had Dairy Queen for the first time in 3 years.. as he puts it. I doubt its been that long, but oh well. We did a lot of talking.. he proved he wasnt shallow... which was really sweezy and all that great stuff... but after going and spending time with someone else..

i think the chain b r o k e away
and i felt it the day that i had my own time
i took advantage of myself and felt fine

now that thats out of the way.. heh. sunday i went to the wishing star meeting and Dan was there... and that made me happy.. we talked for a little bit. Then the meeting finally started around 8... and it was nifty... then JR, Levi, Dan, Jenni, Bridgett and I all went to perkins but didnt stay long enough to get our drinks. doesnt help that me, bridgett, jenni, and jr were stoned and bridgett is a fucki paranoid stoner from hell. so.. we left and went back to carolyn's.. got her calmed down and then JR took all of us home.. and I didnt get home until like.. 11:30.. and now im doing some cleaning that I should have been doing this weekend. I'm cleaning up my mess.. incase my mom comes home early tomorrow.. making sure no illegal stuff or stuff that can get me in trouble with her/the cops is put away very well.. hehe.. well i guess i better get going...



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